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Founded in 2018, Shanghai Bohui Industry Co., Ltd. Wujiang shengze DESO Textile Co., Ltd. has 300 water jet looms of Tsuda Ju, Japan, with an annual output of nearly 40 million meters of taffeta, nylon, Chunya, Oxford, twill and other fabrics. The product is light, thick and dense, and the width is 130cm to 230cm. The main products are: 170t, 180t, 190T, 210t, 230t, 260t, 290t, 300t series polyester taffeta; 40d, 68D, 70D, 200D series nylon varieties; Chunya textile, semi elastic Chunya textile, full dull Xueke and other polyester DTY varieties; 0.1-0.5cm lattice fabric; coarse denier Oxford fabric, coarse denier luggage fabric, coarse twill, composite twill, five satins and other twill satin fabrics; and 5 newly developed in recent years There are thousands of varieties, such as 0d all extinction Xueke, 600D high denier luggage silk, 500 * 500 coarse denier Oxford cloth, p50d320t, p30d280t, 2 / 1 Twill vertical bar, etc. The product has the characteristics of fine, clean and smooth, flat and straight, tight fabric, bright color and so on. It can be used for lining of high-grade suits, high-grade fabrics of down suits and leisure suits, making tents, bags, umbrellas, curtains with flowers, tablecloths, etc.




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